August 2013 - The last day of the Circuit Riders School at the Lancaster Convention Center, there was a challenge to dream or dream again. There was a release to dream again. I was reminded of a charge that was placed in my heart 15 years prior. I began to investigate how my new "dreams" and the dreams that were suppressed could be incorporated into the church , conference and denomination in which I was a member.

September 2013 - I presented this sense of urgency to see the dreams become a reality to my Pastor. He called a meeting with a few Lancaster Mennonite Conference Bishops and church leaders in the area. The discussion lead to further discussion. They did not squelch the dream. Rather they encouraged the development of that dream. The idea of a church plant was among the options. I fought that option. I had 100 reasons why a "church plant" is not appropriate or that it isn't truly "church growth".

January 2015 - During a time of praying, seeking and waiting on the Lord, I began to write what was in my mind and in my heart. Three pages later, there was an outline for a church plant. A model that isn't traditional nor was it original. I sat on the idea for a month or so.

February 2015 - I presented this dream to a close and trusted brother. He listened patiently and committed to praying for my wife and I as we process as well as discern whether he and his wife were to be involved. He recommended another individual to share the dream with. Within a week, the five of us met and sensed a confirmation to move forward with this idea.

March 2015-February 2016 - We spent the next year meeting every other week to review material, pray, plan, and process. Each of us had been involved with Willow Street Mennonite Church (WSMC) as active members for at least 20 years and we desired to honor WSMC in the process and we valued their blessing in this endeavor.

February 7, 2016 - Willow Street Mennonite Church commissioned our team of leaders to start this journey publicly.

February 13, 2016 - REACH had a "soft" launch in which we invited those who have supported us in prayer and a listening ear during this process. Pastor /Prophet Matt Buckwalter gave a exhorting word of our significance in respect to the history of the first Mennonite church in the area and the significance of this NOW time in history. We will mark this day as the day that "The seed is out of the barn".

February 20, 2016 - REACH officially launched and began creating history

- Tom DelRocini April 2016