REACH Church gathers Sunday evenings 6:00-8:30


REACH Church meets at various locations. Call for details.

What (to expect):

The first thing you will probable notice is the fact that we gather in a home. This may be a new idea to many. However, this provides a welcoming and casual atmosphere for those who come.

We begin our evening with refreshments and conversation. Transitioning to a time of learning, sharing, caring and worship, we invite each person to participate as they are comfortable. The "flow" or order of the above mentioned actives varies each evening as we focus on REACHing Up, REACHing in and REACHing out.

We are passionate in our pursuit of God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). It is our primary desire to provide an opportunity for all to love the Lord with ALL their Heart, Mind, Strength and Soul. Secondly, we desire to love each other as we love ourselves. All are welcome to join us as we embark on the journey!

* See CALENDAR/EVENTS page for possible changes in Time and/or Location.