Core Group

Core Group's are gatherings of individuals who desire to "do life" together. The groups study, discuss and apply the gospel to their lives and are encouraged to develop mentoring relationships. All groups will focus on doing this according to Core Group purposes below. This can vary greatly between groups dependent upon location, leadership and vision.

Core Group development is coming soon!

Core Group Purpose

REACH up - Exchanging all of us for all of Him. This includes passionate worship, fervent prayer, and zealous devotion to the Word and the scripture. (Love God with ALL and AWE)

REACH in - The process of transferring "head" knowledge (cognitive) of God's great love for us (our value) and what He says about us (our identity) throughout the scripture to become"heart" knowledge (ownership). We help identify and develop personal gifts to utilize in life. (Love self)

REACH out - Challenging each other to LIVE in the Spirit, GROW in the fruit of the Spirit, and be motivated by love inside and outside our spheres of influence. (Love others)

Core Group Leaders

Core Group Leaders are tasked to see that the three points of purpose are being accomplished through direct and/or indirect leadership. Leaders are responsible in developing other leaders through mentoring relationships. The developing process will prepare the "mentor" leaders to lead a group of their own. Thus allowing for application of their God given gifts. Lastly, leaders are required to attend Core Group Leaders meetings with the Leadership Team for the purpose of accountability, vision casting and group multiplication.